Jackson Magazine Advertising

Jackson Magazine Advertising

For the past 25 years, Jackson Magazine has been highlighting the positive aspects of the local business community. Each issue, which features a different theme, highlights local companies, organizations and people who are making an impact in Jackson. Also included are Health Care, Finance and Viewpoint columns written by local experts in their respective fields.

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Top Management

90% of all Jackson Magazine subscribers are in top management with discretionary authority to make or influence purchasing decisions.

Pass It On

Your ad is seen for months as 74% of our readers pass the magazine on.

Read Cover to Cover

People read it cover to cover – 71% read the magazine completely and 40% spend more than an hour reading each issue.

Buy Local

94% of our readers say they make an effort to purchase business and personal items locally

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2017-2018 Advertising Rates & Information

Each issue reaches more than 20,000 readers every month. First, Jackson
Magazine is printed and distributed monthly to 6,000 - 8,000 executives,
managers and professionals in our area. Next, the pass along rate is
greater than 10,000, as people view the magazine in waiting rooms and
reception areas throughout Jackson County. Third, the online edition of
the magazine receives approximately 2,000 visits each month.
Let us help you make the most of this opportunity to promote your
business, influence community leaders and decision makers and to
support our community.

2017-2018 Full Color Advertising Rates

1x 4x 8x 12x
Back Cover $2,100 $1,995 $1,890 $1,785
Inside Covers $1,935 $1,835 $1,740 $1,645
Page 3 $1,850 $1,760 $1,665 $1,570
Center Spread $3,700 $3,510 $3,325 $3,140
Full Page $1,680 $1,600 $1,515 $1,430
2/3 Page $1,260 $1,200 $1,135 $1,070
1/2 Page $1,010 $960 $910 $860
1/3 Page $675 $640 $605 $570
1/6 Page $420 $400 $380 $360

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