Nominate a Health Care Angel Today

Nominate a Health Care Angel Today

Do you know someone in the health care industry who affected your life in a way that canít be described in words or a co-worker who has shown an unwavering commitment to their job and their patients? Show them your appreciation!

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Health Care Angels Categories

∑ Physician

∑ Nurse

∑ Office Staff

∑ Professional Staff

∑ Auxiliary Staff

∑ Volunteer

∑ Vision Care Professional

∑ Oral Health Professional

∑ Paraprofessional

∑ Medical Therapy

Who are Health Care Angels?

Health Care Angels

To some, a Health Care Angel may be the physician who saved their life by detecting a mortal illness early. To others, a Health Care Angel maybe a tireless hospice volunteer, who has dedicated many hours of their own life to spend time brightening the lives of those who don't have much time left. No matter what their specific duty is in the health care industry, a Health Care Angel is defined by the passion they hold for their profession, their loyalty to their organizations and, most importantly, their commitment to their patients.

Though these individuals go above and beyond their call of duty on a regular basis, they often perform at such a high level without recognition, and are happy to due so. It's because these dedicated health care workers don't need to be commended for doing their job. They thrive on improving the lives of their patients by working to the best of their ability. It's time to show these unheralded heroes the appreciation and credit they deserve.

We are currently accepting nominations for 2017 Health Care Angels; the nomination deadline is June 1, 2017.

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