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Alro Steel and Plastics Take Part in Annual Manufacturing Day 2018

Manufacturing Day occurs annually on the first Friday in October. The day marks the end of Manufacturing Week, a series of events designed to introduce and inspire high school students to the world of manufacturing as a place where they can build a life-long career.

The Alro Steel Jackson and Potterville locations hosted tours of their facilities. Students were given a short presentation about the business and then received a first-hand guided tour with Alro team members answering questions from students about what a job in steel distribution might include. The Alro Plastics team also provided hands on demonstrations of milling plastics and how to accurately assemble plastic parts. These activities gave students an idea of the many skills required to work in the plastics distribution business and gave them each a customized item to take home.

Manufacturing Day is an excellent opportunity to showcase the many career opportunities for students in their local community. Alro hopes to see some of these students in a few years as they move into starting their careers.

To learn more about Manufacturing Day, visit their website: