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Consumers Energy Announces Jackson Smart Energy District

Consumers Energy joined Jackson’s mayor in announcing the vision for a Jackson Smart Energy District, to promote the next generation of energy technology – potentially including solar panels and battery storage – that will continue making downtown Jackson an attractive place to work, live and innovate.

The new Jackson Smart Energy District will encourage development in the energy provider’s Michigan hometown and provide a hub for new technologies that make buildings use less energy and rely on clean energy sources. The district is bordered by Louis Glick Highway, Michigan Avenue and Blackstone and Jackson streets.

“We are excited to add to the comeback story of our city, which is home to our headquarters, and help Jackson continue to attract new development,” said Patti Poppe, Consumers Energy’s president and CEO. “The new Smart Energy District will be a beacon for all of Michigan that Jackson is a vibrant, innovative place to live and do business.”

Poppe announced plans for the Jackson Smart Energy District during the first State of the City Address by new Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies on Tuesday.

The Jackson Smart Energy District vision includes:

  • High-performing buildings – Collaborating with developers that choose to embrace technologies to manage and reduce energy use. Jackson already is ranked fourth among small cities in the nation for ENERGY STAR-certified buildings.
  • Solar panels – Working with property owners to install solar arrays that generate electricity.
  • Battery storage – Using battery technology that can store excess power that’s generated for use at other times. Battery storage helps balance the supply of available energy with customers’ demand.
  • Electric vehicle charging – Encouraging the development of electric vehicle charging stations, making it easier for people who want to power their vehicles from the grid.

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