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Hot Air Jubilee Announces Board of Directors

Jackson, Michigan – The Jackson Hot Air Jubilee today announced its 2021 leadership and board of directors.

Leading the board and taking the role of Chairman is Jeff Knapp. Jeff has been a pilot since 2012 and previously served as Jubilee Vice Chair.


“It is an honor to lead the board of the Hot Air Jubilee and provide family-friendly entertainment to the Jackson community,” Knapp said. “I look forward to the Jubilee coming back in 2021 stronger than previous years” 


Joining Knapp on the HAJ board in 2021 are:


*       Vice Chair: David Seekell

*       Secretary: Angela Madden

*       Treasurer: Jacqueline Austin

*       Balloonmeister/Pilot Representative: Steven Sitko

*       Director: Tim Creery

*       Director: Sue Fuller

*       Director: Cindy Hayden

*       Director: John Stevens

*       Director: Harv Warsen


“It is an honor to work with so many leading pilots and dedicated volunteers to provide leadership of the Hot Air Jubilee into 2021,” said Knapp. “We have a track record of strong leadership at the Jubilee and I want to extend a special thank you to our previous board members, supporters and volunteers who have forged a solid path for us to follow. Their work on behalf of the Jackson community makes a huge difference.”


Long-time Balloonmeister Al Smith passed the torch to Jackson area pilot Steven Sitko. Sitko has been a pilot since 2012 and received his commercial rating in 2016. “As a life-long Jackson area resident, I’m proud to be able to do my part to lead the Jubilee into 2021. The time off has allowed me to reflect on what I enjoyed about attending the event as a child and how I would like to see the Jubilee support the community moving forward,” said Sitko.


The Hot Air Jubilee was formed in 1983 to provide affordable, quality, family-friendly entertainment featuring the beauty, color and excitement of hot air balloons. For more information, visit