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Local Certified Financial Planners launch ‘The Retirement Cafe’ radio show on WKHM-AM 970

Planning for retirement is a complicated and intimidating process. A pair of local Certified Financial Planners and Jackson residents have launched a radio show and a podcast to help simplify it.

Dan Reese and Brent Oliver of Avery Wealth Inc. in Jackson recently launched a weekly radio show entitled “The Retirement Cafe.” The hour-long show is broadcast at noon each Saturday and 11 a.m. each Sunday on WKHM-AM 970 and can also be found in podcast form on iTunes, Google Music, Podbean and Stitcher.

“We wanted to educate in a way that would allow us to reach as many people as possible,” Oliver said. “With the radio show, we can reach a large number of people and help them think about and work through things they haven’t thought of or done in the past to help them prepare for their retirement. It really was an idea that was borne out of trying to help.”

Reese, President and CEO of Avery Wealth, said the most common issue he runs into is that people simply don’t understand how to effectively plan for and manage their retirement.

“It’s a complex process,” Reese said. “We don’t want people to get paralyzed by the process and put off important decisions that should be made sooner rather than later. We started the radio show to help people get past those hurdles and start thinking about and planning for the future.”

Each radio show touches upon a variety of topics that affect a wide range of people while focusing on a singular theme. The first four shows were entitled, “The Right Sense of Urgency,” “Financial Mythbusters,” “Flying Through Retirement” and “Retirement Variables and Constants.”

Reese has been involved in the past with a television show that had a similar goal of educating residents in the area. He and Oliver have found the radio show to be an effective way to communicate with people who might be intimidated by the process and therefore might not be willing to make an appointment with a financial planner to get the retirement ball rolling.

“It’s a format for giving good information about things they should be thinking about as they come up on those decisions,” Reese said. “We want the community to have good information. Most people know how to save, but once they get that nest egg built up it’s: ‘What do I do now? How do I manage it for the rest of my life in a way that I won’t run out of money?’ We want to help them find those answers.”