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Partnership Works to Eliminate Qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees

MAY 7, 2018— The Michigan Works! Association has partnered with the Michigan Department of Treasury and Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to eliminate qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees (DRF) before Oct. 1, 2018, for individuals who participate in a qualifying workforce development training program. Many programs are available to the public, and Michigan Works! organizations will assist individuals with enrollment.

Michigan Works! Association, Michigan Department of Treasury and Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson released the following joint statement:

“Eliminating fees will remove financial, work-related barriers for a large number of Michiganders who are able and willing to work. This partnership provides a unique opportunity to participate in workforce programs with getting people on the road and back to work as the end goal.

The partnership created through the DRF program is key in helping to return workers to our state’s labor pool.

Michigan Works! and our state partners will continue to work together to ensure the success of this program, thereby serving job seekers, and ultimately employers, in a comprehensive, efficient way.”

Individuals with qualifying offenses who are already participating in existing programs have been identified to eliminate their qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees and will be notified by mail throughout this month.

William Sleight, Director of Michigan Works! Southeast said “We are eager to help customers through this process.  We offer many flexible services designed to meet your needs that qualify as repayment of the driver responsibility fees.  Drivers who are eligible to qualify under the workforce development services should call 1-844-200-3206 or visit for more information.”  

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