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Catch Up With Our Operations Manager, Shelley Jusick

By Jackson Publishing Co.

In celebration of our landmark 30th anniversary, all year long we are giving you a deeper look into all aspects of Jackson Magazine. From our first editorial board to our owner, several flashback covers and stories, and so much more! July is no different. Our operations manager Shelley has been an irreplaceable part of the magazine for five years now. With a unique connection to the Jackson community and a career that has provided a fresh approach to how we run the magazine, we wanted to give our readers more insight about her. Keep reading to learn more about her passion for our community, what drew her to Jackson Magazine, and more! 

  1. After working in education, what drew you to Jackson Magazine?

During most of my 28 years as a teacher and administrator, I served in some capacity as a career educator, working with community and business leaders to make career connections for the students.  Jackson Magazine was a great fit for me after retiring from education because I could continue working with the business and community leaders I already knew and stay involved in a positive way with my own community.  Being around people “fills my bucket” and Jackson Magazine is so involved in the community that it allows me to do that.


  1. What is your favorite thing about the Jackson business community?

I love the way the people in the Jackson business community know each other and work well together to make our hometown successful and a great place to  live. 


  1. What event do you look forward to most each year?

I look forward to the Art/Beer/Wine festival at Ella Sharp Park.  It is great to see our local businesses and artisans in one spot and I am sure to run into many people I work with in the community, as well as people I haven’t seen in a while.  This is a great venue to talk to colleagues in a social setting outside of the business day.  Of course, I do enjoy the wine too!


  1. Besides managing Jackson Magazine, how are you involved within Jackson’s business community?

I serve on the Board of Directors for both Junior Achievement of the Michigan Edge, and the Kiwanis Club of Jackson.  I am also part of the JAXPO committee through the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.  I take pride in the work these organizations do for our community, and I consider those I work with friends, as well as colleagues. 


  1. What lasting impact would you like to make with your career at Jackson Magazine?

I hope that by my example, others would get involved in some way with their community through a civic organization, business organization, or individual volunteering.  Finding an organization that has a mission you believe in gives you great pride in your community.  Your involvement can also create opportunities for your company. 


  1. What is the biggest thing you have learned while at Jackson Magazine?

Never stop networking!  Meeting great people is important for yourself and your business.  You never know where those relationships will lead you.  If I had not continued to network and serve on committees, I would have never known about the opportunity to work for Jackson Magazine!